We are Hanna Bradley and Laura Holland, a duo of young alternative designers based in Toronto. Together we create our own distinctive brand of fashion and costume designs under the label Betty Monroe.


The signature of our style stems from our appreciation for all sides of beauty. This is why our name, Betty Monroe, is derived from the icons Bettie Page and Marilyn Monroe. We are inspired by the idea of taking the dark mysterious image of Bettie and juxtaposing it with the flirtatious and glamorous style of Marilyn to create a new brand of sensuality. The combination of these two timeless pin ups represents the contrast of two opposite styles and highlights the duality of beauty that exists in every woman.


Betty Monroe currently offers custom designed one of a kind garments. Many of our creations are showcased in the Gallery section of this website. We work on a personal basis and in addition to offering our own unique designs, we are always interested in hearing new custom design ideas and closely collaborating with clients.


Contact us at bettymonroedesigns@gmail.com for custom orders, questions, or comments.